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Here are the answers to the few questions we have received so far. if you have more.

What is the size of the leaders’ tribe ?

Each tribe is a group of 10 to 12 leaders. They gather altogether during week-ends. Groups of three meet among peers between weekends.

Is the journey with leaders of the same company or is it inter-company?

It is possible that some leaders from the same company join the program. However, the journey focuses on leadership. We are not looking to bring together leaders from the same company or industry. The richness will also come from diversity.

What happens if someone is unable to attend one of the weekends?

The program is a journey we decide to do together. Participants commit for the whole journey. However, in case something unexpected arise, the size of the group is big enough to adapt in a flexible way. The answer to that might very well one of the rules we’ll decide together during kick-off.
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