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An integral, whole system approach to awakened leadership - Stage One

"We need leaders who recognize the harm being done to people and planet through the dominant practices that control, ignore, abuse, and oppress the human spirit. We need leaders who put service over self, stand steadfast in crises and failures, and who display unshakable faith that people can be generous, creative, and kind."
— Margaret Wheatley

The need for new kind of Leadership

At this time in organizational history we are moving to high involvement, empowered partnership and collaborating-learning organizations.
Still, many change efforts fall short. The truth is, systemic change is exceedingly complex, and there is no one cause, nor a single antidote. Forces beyond our control have created a global climate of fear and conflict, and leadership skills that worked well in the past no longer are sufficient.
These times are not ones of survival. These are times for the emergence of a new era of leaders who will be able to hold and sustain the paradoxes and navigate with grace through uncertainty and complexity of our current world.
Only when leaders have the courage to opening their mind and their heart and to engage their systems in their wholeness and dynamic aliveness head-on, do they have a chance of seeing their vision become reality.

For whom?

You want to continue to make a difference with your work and life, but are frustrated by your inability to lead or promote your cause effectively.
You are aware of the increase in fear and conflict but refuse to succumb to these.
You have a desire to unleash greatness in others … and in yourself.
You are willing to seek new way of relating to your environment to have your business thrive and to contribute to your the wellbeing of your community.
You have faith in people’s potential for generosity, creativity, kindness, love.
You are ready to challenge yourself and want to invest in your own development with honesty and authenticity.
You yearn for a community of people who seek to nourish life, with whom you can console, celebrate, strategize, exclaim, grieve, laugh.
You have the courage to bring your discoveries into the workplace and manifest a new way of being in a consistent way, living fully your true nature and your true purpose.
You don't need anybody to explain to you that inner work benefits leadership and business. If you don’t have the equation, you feel it in your gut.

STAGE 1 of the journey is now open for registration.

Every journey starts with a first step.
From 20 to 22 of June 2022, in the , we offer you to focus on awareness development of self. You’ll look into your consciousness as a leader, you will reveal your talents and you will experience and explore your learning edge, knowing that each of us, like any other human being, have developed specific self-protection strategies and patterns. This new awareness will enable you to make new radical choices towards realizing your purpose.
In this stage, conscious bathing in the pure dynamized water of Dôme, immersion in Nature, awakening of the senses through body massage, meditation, breathwork, eco-rituals and poetry will be a few of the experiences we’ll offer. These practices help you reconnect with your heart and body intelligence, expand your self awareness and learn to be in touch with the being space within you.
Skills & Capacities
How to activate your body and spiritual intelligence for new leadership inspiration
Learn to cultivate a stable mind that is less reactive, more responsive
How to develop and learn to trust your intuition, and to tap into your inner wisdom
Develop your transformational presence
Act with compassion and insight rather than aggression and fear.
How to scale your leadership

What’s next ?

Number of seats is limited to 12. We are organizing a set of three webinars to meet and help you feel if this program is for you
During these webinars, we’ll be
Connecting with the heart to a vision of new kind of leadership in the world
Lay the groundwork for a conscious community among the future participants
Offer you a first experience as to enable yourself to feel yourself included in the journey - or not...

Register to the webinar at one of the following dates to know more.
Date 1
Date 2
Date 3

The whole journey

Combining western science and eastern contemplative wisdom, we offer leaders a deeply experiential journey. We will be a walking tribe together sharing our learnings and holding space for each other's growth.
Our leadership development journey will consist of 4 stages
Self Leadership: self awareness & self regulation
Relationship Leadership: social awareness & social regulation
System Leadership: systemic awareness & systemic regulation
Systemic Integration: we will complete the circle and bring it all together
This journey will take place in sacred spaces, nested in Nature, helping us to connect to the natural flows where regeneration and beauty become possible, and allowing us to slow down, to come home to ourselves, to others and to the creative field of presence.


Our work on leadership development and regenerative communities draws from systems theory, process work, neuroscience, biology, meditation, ancient wisdom, authentic relating, adult developmental psychology, and research into stress, wellbeing, creativity and innovation.

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