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Quotie - Tiny Sales Quote Generator

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Quotie - Tiny Sales Quote Generator

Automatically create sales quotes from simple inputs.

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Many businesses have silos of product/sales data vs customer CRM data vs marketing material and sales templates for proposals and quotes. Often the pricing is out of date from the sales quotation templates. This results in too many delays in getting timely quotes to customers, and often the wrong pricing is given out - creating headaches for the sales team.


Quotie combines the product pricing with the customer data to result in accurate quotes given to customers. This is a MVP and I just banged it out in record time using
. I made it in just a few hours before the contest deadline, plus one frantic forum post 6 hours before the deadline and which got answered quickly - thanks !
Many people have cobbled together solutions with excel and word, and cross linking between cells and cell ranges, but it's messy. I think Coda can make this sort of application easier. Even if you're not into sales quotes - you can use this idea to make other "text generators" based on data.

Cool Feature

Quotie will generate a quote for the first enquiry on the list which hasn't yet been "sent" to the customers. Once that one's done, you check it and the next quote is made. Go to the to see your quote ready to go. Customize as needed.

What's Missing

I ran out of time but wanted to add in a "pay in full" discount and address based on the customer's profile
Also some of my formulas got quite long and I'm also not sure about how to improve the quote formatting - e.g. keeping the pricing rt. justified but not so far over to the right
There's a TON of coda features I didn't use - just didn't have time. But I did get this far in just a few hours and I feel that there's enough documentation and community support to help anyone add in more capabilities as they go. Don't wait to make your full app - just make something! 😅

I hope you enjoy this little app and maybe it grows on you... and grows your sales or that of your clients'

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