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The list of resources is nearly unlimited. My personal favorites are
Start with Objective Prompts: What is the goal?
Finish with Impact-Effort grid: What is the outcome?

Objective Prompts

Sometimes you just do not know what problem you are solving. This creates stress; you want the workshop attendees to join the workshop with confidence and an open mind.
This worksheet defines prompts to help frame the session. You add bullet points to each box, then use the elements in the box to prepare a complete sentence using the formulation.

Objective Prompts Example

Using this tool related to the need to create a policy regarding the delivery of legal advice using social media tools like Facebook or Twitter, you might produce the following.

Impact-Effort Grid

Create the Impact-Effort grid. This is a classic 2x2 grid that can frame key elements of the workshop. This should be used at the end in working groups to help place the outcomes in a priority rank that is easier than creating a numbered/ordered list. Create the grid and place them in the Whiteboard and assign teams.

Post Event Retrospective

All session present an opportunity to improve the next experience. I really like the 4Ls worksheet - Learned, Liked, Longed-for, Lacked. The template is
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