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I would encourage you to look closely at business challenges in the relevant domain. Some interesting examples.

Corporate Legal Focus

An important prompt is:
“How might we measurably improve engagement and integration with outside law firms? How can we create a way for outside counsel to really understand our business?"

Productivity Focus

An important prompt is:
"How might we improve how we share and access information and engage with each other more effectively around projects?”
Complicating factors to create hypotheticals and fact patterns for would then be
Geographically dispersed colleagues
Disparate technical skill sets and backgrounds
Different priorities and tools needs: writers, researchers, business, finance, operations, program and project management
Training and self-service: not feeling connected, no process consistency, incoherent experiences, no common understanding.
Risk and governance: Onboard and train new employees and teams, manage outside counsel, manage standard language and provide consistent advice and counsel.

Knowledge Management

The dynamic between knowledge management and security, or experience management and user profiling. One focus is:
"How might you organize the work for the business, for matters and for personal work?"

Post Corona

The dynamic between security and team work. Teams bring inspiration; they also bring distraction.
"What digital tools (think or ) can we assemble for teams to create lists, ideas and then prioritize the decision making?

Important Breakout Sessions

Thinking 3-5 years ahead, predict how [fill in the blank, related to process]
Predict what [fill in the blank, related to technology or products] or predict what you will not be doing anymore
Assume you have a magic wand, what would improve your productivity today? Your job satisfaction?

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