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PEOPLE Trading Cards 101
We are excited to introduce our PEOPLE Trading Cards! This initiative was created in efforts to encourage and reward program engagement, as well as to allow our Scholars to get to know our PEOPLE College Staff a little better throughout this academic year.
There are 29 unique card designs. The rarity of each type of cards goes in the order of Standard Cards, Resource Cards, Cartoon Cards, and Rookie Cards. See graphics below. The most rare card is the Gail Ford Rookie Card.
Rarity from least to most: Standard > Resource > Cartoon > Rookie
The trading cards can then be traded in for prizes throughout the year. Each prize will require its own unique set of cards and requirements. All prize information will be updated in the “” tab as it evolves throughout the year. See the “
” tab for how to start earning the cards.
The process of trading in a card involves turning in the card the card getting it hole-punched, losing all trade-in value. If hole-punched, the student may still keep their card after trading it in.
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