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Lean-Agile Portfolio Management for a Modern Strategic Planning
CODA Doc Administration

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To Do's - Scrum Master / Product Owner

Content Page. Here the Scrum Master and/or Product Owner in charge of of the Modern Strategic Planning Process will find a guide to power up the CODA Doc and take ownership of the process

Before Starting The Modern Strategic Planning Process

Familiarize with the process and the power behind this CODA Doc
Review vocabulary used and adapt to the organization in which the CODA Doc will be used
Add some information in the tables to get the ball rolling and generate conversations that are inherent of the organization's business and culture
Invite all stakeholders to this document, so that they are registered users of this CODA Doc and may be selected in any people column, or notified when appropriate.
Select people that will participate in the Events planned during the process. Use this to plan for the process. Feel free to add any other planning tool, such as calendar, etc.

Business Model Design Space

There are several events in this stage of the process. All these events may be done:
In real time, with all in one big conference room
In real time, with all working remotely online
Asynchronous, with people participating in a time box window
Select how each event will be carried out and prepare accordingly. Of all the events in this stage, Blue Ocean Analysis; Portfolio Vision; and Development Value Stream (DVS) should be done in real time.

OKR's at Portfolio Level

All events at this stage of the process should be done in real time, and in one big Conference room if possible. The reason is that we are going to talk about innovation, and that is better done face to face.
Ideally plan a whole three day workshop for this stage. One day for Objectives; one day for Key Results; and one day for Initiatives such as Epics and Enablers.
You need to prepare the corresponding tables for each event:
has to have at least one row for each Development Value Stream established in the previous stage.
has to have at least one row for each Objective established before.
has to have at least one row for each OKR established before.

Portfolio KanBan

At this stage, the detailed process is handed over to Epic or Enabler Owners. They will be in charge of the pace of the progress. They have to main tasks prior to the Go / No-Go decision for each Epic/Enabler. Reviewing and Analyzing Epics and Enablers. And then requesting feedback, specially for the Lean Business Case.
Scrum Master and/or Product Owner should coordinate with Epic/Enabler Owners, a Lean Portfolio Management Committee meeting so that a Go / No-Go decision can be taken. This meeting should be done at least once every quarter so that Funnel Epics and Enablers get to be processed along the KanBan Board.
An important decision that the team should take is the Work in Process (WIP) Limits for the Portfolio KanBan Board. They have to be included in Table.
Epic or Enabler Owners have the job to start working on Minimum Viable Products and make progress. They have to take results from their work to the Lean Portfolio Management Committee to approve MVP.
Epic or Enabler Owners have also to take decisions on implementation and pivot or persevere outcomes, and present results to the Lean Portfolio Management Committee.

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