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Lean-Agile Portfolio Management for a Modern Strategic Planning
1. Business Model Design Space

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1.3 FOAR Analysis

Event Page. Here we develop an understanding of Strengths; Opportunities; Aspirations and Results, for each block in the Baseline Business Model Canvas. A variant from the standard SWOT analysis. The idea is to put emphasis in the future and not the past
There are four quadrants that we have to fill up for each Business Model Canvas Block. Strategic Planning Team Members should do the following Steps:
STEP 1: Select a Business Model Canvas Block - Start with Value Proposition
STEP 2: Write ideas in each quadrant at own discretion. Group similar statements
STEP 3: Upvote or downvote statements to check consensus. Agree on appropriate answers
STEP 4: Repeat for each of the other Business Model Canvas Blocks
Strengths - Opportunities - Aspirations - Results
Value Proposition
<Write Here>
Revenue Streams
<Write Here>
Cost Structure
<Write Here>
Key Resources
<Write Here>
Key Activities
<Write Here>
Key Partners
<Write Here>
Customer Segments
<Write Here>
<Write Here>
Customer Relationship
<Write Here>
Value Proposition
Enterprise Strengths
<Write Here>
Strengths Up-Vote
Strengths Down-Vote
Strengths Total Votes
Enterprise Opportunities
<Write Here>
Opportunities Up-Vote
Opportunities Down-Vote
Opportunities Total Votes
Enterprise Aspirations
<Write Here>
Aspirations Up-Vote
Aspirations Down-Vote
Aspirations Total Votes
Enterprise Desired Results
<Write Here>
Results Up-Vote
Results Down-Vote
Results Total Votes
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FOAR Analysis
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