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Point Parking

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Point Parking Project

Project Overview:

The purpose of this project is to automate manual tasks. Manual tasks can be time-consuming, challenging to track and report, more error-prone, consumes human resources, impacting on their productivity, and lack scalability. This project will have an significant impact for clients and internal employees reducing time, resources, among other benefits we will be seeing.

User Story - Joyce says
“As an accountant, I want to set up a system that takes care of the paperwork automatically. This way, we won't have to send a bunch of emails and fill out forms manually. It'll help us keep track of everything without drowning in a sea of emails and requests."

Scope of Work:

Key Deliverables:
User friendly Forms to register enquiries from clients
Data persistence in a database
Automation to create contacts in Xero
Dynamic tables to visualize client process state from request
Table views to share with other areas and update process state
Automatization with xero to generate invoices when the state is updated in a specified parameter.

Technical Details:

I automate the process using the following no-code tech stack:
Technologies used
Used for
month / Billed yearly
Plus or Business plan
Zapier Automation Platform
Integrations with Typeform
Integrations with Xero software
month / Billed yearly
Starter Plan or Professional plan
Includes zappier Tables
Zappier Tables
No-code databases built for Zaps
There are no rows in this table

Other Tools:
FigJam - User and flow

Workflow and Processes:

User Flow - Client request
Process Flow

Challenges and Solutions:

Identifying and pinpointing the problems, I was able to develop a workflow, narrowing down steps. I searched for tools available in the market, made a comparison, and tested some workflows with different tools that integrate with those used in the company until I found the most optimal flow with tools that allow scalability, solving the encountered problems and meeting their needs, such as the integration of data persistence in the database.

Forms are filled manually via email
User access activation is informed by email and sometimes we generate the invoice late for miscommunication.
Manual process to:
Create contacts in Xero
Process updates by emails
Generation of invoices

Results and Achievements:

There is form available for your clients sign up to their monthly subscription at Point Parking, this form has logic added, automatization, is easy to use,persists data, easy to share and implement on your website. This will reduce time with manual process, conversations back and forward, work overload and miscommunications.
There is a database integrated to keep track of you client records and request process, we can create custom views and share them with internal collaborators. So you will have one source of true and enhanced collaboration.
This project includes task automation with software like Xero, Pinch Payments, Typeform, Zapier, and a database. It reduces manual efforts, saves time on repetitive tasks, minimizes errors, ensures accuracy and consistency, enables seamless communication, and offers scalability and innovation opportunities.
User Documentation:
Here you’ll find the steps we’ll be following for this project:
Presentation/Demo Flows
Flow 1 - Client
Fill a form simulating a client request for monthly parking
We’ll confirm that contacts in xero are created
We’ll confirm that the records are added into the database

Flow 2 - Internal colaborator
We’ll share a custom view for the database with the status process
We’ll change the status field in the dropdown list
We’ll confirm that the system search truthout Xero contacts and generates a custom invoice ready for approval in Xero

Closure and Next Steps:

In summary, this project will deliver user-friendly forms for client registration, efficient data persistence in a database, seamless integration with Xero for contact creation and updates, dynamic tables to visualize client process states, and automated invoice generation. These deliverables will streamline your operations, facilitate better collaboration across teams, and enhance our overall efficiency

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