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Inside the Inauguration
Ana Paula Velasco ‘17, Chris Adams ‘99
AP Velasco inauguration.jpg

At least two TMI alumni were witnesses to history as they took a role in the Jan. 20 presidential inauguration in Washington D.C. One was Ana Paula Velasco ’17, above, who had interned with now-First Lady Dr. Jill Biden during the 2020 campaign. “Serving as a volunteer on the Presidential Escort with the Presidential Inaugural Committee was the honor of a lifetime.” said Ana Paula, a junior at George Washington University. After the swearing-in ceremony and other events of the day, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their families were escorted on foot for the last part of their journey to the White House.

Chris Adams Guard unit inaugural.jpg
On a short-notice mobilization with the Texas Army National Guard, Maj. Chris Adams ’99 “was lucky enough to serve as the Task Force executive officer of a force of 1,344 soldiers charged with securing the entirety of the National Mall from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial in support of the 59th Presidential Inauguration.”
Tech exchange
Steve Simpson ‘66
Steve Simpson '66 and Justin.jpg
Stephen H. Simpson III ‘66, left, donates books and scientific equipment to TMI Dean of
Innovation Justin Kutscherousky before a tour of the school’s new Walker Innovation Center.

When retired Army Col. Steve Simpson ‘66 returned to campus March 4, he came to give back ー literally.

He met Dean of Innovation Justin Kutscherousky to donate some items he thought might be useful to current students, including a short-wave radio, magnets, lenses, binoculars, 1970s calculators, a weather balloon and math and science books “from the slide-rule era.”

There was also a Tesla coil (a device that produces high-voltage electrical energy). “Believe it or not, this really belongs to TMI,” he said. “It failed while I was a student, and I took it home to fix it. I fixed it, but for whatever reason, it never made the trip back.”

While visiting the campus, Steve toured the Walker Innovation Center, which opened in October 2020 and saw the Broadcast Studio, AR/VR Room and Neiman Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory).

The Signal Corps veteran was particularly interested in the technology ー CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine, a laser cutter/engraver and vinyl cutter ー of the Fab Lab, says Justin, who explained to the visitor how TMI’s Innovation and Design courses “use a mastery-based system of grading to give our students the freedom to design and create without limitations.”

While Steve has visited often since graduation ー serving on TMI’s board in the early 1990s, formerly heading the Alumni Association, and doing several installations as a contractor ー the Walker Innovation Center especially impressed him. “The operation that Justin heads up is a real think tank,” he said. “It’s not a museum setting at the Walker; what an opportunity to let everyone share their daydreams out loud!”
Inspiration for Education
Tom Frost ‘46

Tom C. Frost Jr. '45.jpg

The late Tom Frost ‘46 ー shown here as TMI Alumnus of the Year for 1974 ー a supporter of TMI as well as other local educational institutions, inspired brewery magnate Carlos Alvarez to make a $20 million gift to the University of Texas at San Antonio ー the largest in the university’s history. Read more

Super Scribe
Schedel Lutjen ’06


Well known as an actor in TMI drama productions, Schedel is now a San Antonio playwright and author who works with Morgan’s Wonderland inclusive amusement park and the Company Theatre to produce family-friendly plays and short films.
Since 1999, at age 11, he has produced a series of comics, books, plays, films and radio adventures starring strange and humorous superheroes. His works have been performed or enjoyed as far afield as Hong Kong, Singapore and Scotland.

His newest publications, starring Texas-based heroes with odd personalities, are available on Amazon.
Cloudman, a 12-year-old kid who can fly and shoot lightning bolts, stars in three light-hearted, child-friendly San Antonian comic book adventures. He battles the wicked living sausage Schnitzel Man, donut-obsessed insectoid creature Captain Mantis and many other foes alongside his best friends, an oak tree and a pair of rainboots.

HERO BLOB Issue 1 cover.jpg

Hero BLOB, a deranged superhero who can turn into any liquid, stars in two satirical and goofy comic magazines of his own. He pals around with Chilipepperman, whose pepper-shaped flamethrowers ‘have the hots for you’. Special guests include the Mad Flame Bandido, the diabolical Doctor ThePepper, and the alluring belle known only as Chicken Muslim. Note the Hero BLOB mask featured on the cover -- constructed back in 2002 in a TMI art class taught by Allan Rupe ’80!

Schedel also has several prose books and ebooks also available on Amazon at his
More information and samples of all his works are available for free at or on Instagram @heroblob and .

We love to hear from published Panthers! Please let us know about your work as an author or artist at
If you’d like to donate a copy of your book to TMI’s Helen and Everett Jones Library, where there is an alumni authors display, please mail to: Librarian, TMI Episcopal, 20955 W. Tejas Trail, San Antonio TX 78257.

Alumni authors display.jpg

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