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User Onboarding (Experience Center)

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Center Concierge - User Onboarding (Experience Center)

Help us test our newest AI tool for Experience Center Specialists

Overview 📋

Welcome to your new Experience Center Concierge (EXCC) generative AI chatbot, a powerful tool designed to enhance the way we support our customer base. The EXCC has a web interface that allows you to send text based questions and will reply back with text based responses using a series of knowledge base articles from ServiceNow, ASU websites, and other documents. By leveraging this technology, we aim to:
Improve Response Quality: Ensure that every student receives accurate and consistent information regardless of the coach they interact with.
Speed Up Interactions: Reduce the time it takes to provide students with responses, helping to manage inquiries more efficiently, especially during peak periods.
Reduce Manual Tasks: Minimize the repetitive task of searching for information manually, allowing you more time to focus on student needs and less on navigating systems.
While the EXCC will provide compelling responses, it can make mistakes (i.e. hallucinate). For this reason, it is important to validate that the information received from the tool is accurate prior to providing a contact with guidance.

Why we need your help 👥

We need your support in providing feedback on this tool so that we can make improvements that will allow you to receive trustworthy responses. We are also interested in understanding what features would improve your experience. Human feedback is extremely valuable when making improvements on AI technology, as we need knowledge experts to weigh-in.

How to use the tool 🧰

Do’s ✅

Be Clear and Specific: Clear and specific questions help in generating accurate and relevant responses. If you have a complex question, breaking it down into smaller parts (or multiple separate questions) can be helpful. In addition, spell out acronyms to reduce ambiguity.
Provide Context: Giving context helps the AI understand the background of your query, especially if you're continuing a conversation or discussing a niche topic.
Be Patient with Limitations: AI doesn't know everything and can make mistakes.
Experiment: Don't hesitate to ask diverse questions, explore different topics, or use AI in creative ways

Don’ts ❌

Don't Expect Perfection: AI models can provide incorrect or misleading information at times. Always verify critical information through reliable sources.
Don’t Enter Personal Information: The AI does not have any student specific details so asking about specific asurites/emplids may return misleading responses
Don’t Assume Complete Privacy: All conversations are logged although not every conversation is being monitored. Operate under the assumption that what you enter isn’t completely confidential.
Don't Rely Solely on AI for Decisions: AI should not be your sole resource for decision-making in important matters.

Meet your chat Concierge

EXCC is intended for single questions and answers (vs. ongoing back and forth conversation)
All messages are logged but are not be saved in the interface - when you refresh your conversation history will disappear
The concierge will answer questions about information included in the knowledge base
Our internal feedback mechanisms (such as thumbs-up and thumbs-down) are in the process of being updated - in the meantime, we will be collecting feedback via other avenues
Incorrect answers are not always due to hallucinations - it could be that a knowledge document is outdated or missing. In any event, we want to know about it so please provide feedback when you run into these situations.

What information is available to the Experience Center Concierge? 🛠️

Behind the EXCC tool, there is data from the following ServiceNow Knowledge Bases (all categories are included):
Experience Center
All Faculty and Staff
ITIL Users
In addition to the ServiceNow data, the EXCC will have data coming from various frequently used ASU Websites and resources. Click here for a full inventory of knowledge sources available to the EXCC.


Have more questions, ideas or insights?
If you have additional feedback, ideas or questions about the Experience Center Concierge please click the add feedback button on the page and leave your thoughts there. You can also join the where you can leave your feedback as well.

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