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Goodbye status meetings, hello Snippets

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Team update Snippets

Asynchronous status updates to help your team move faster
To configure this asynchronous status-sharing tool, the only configuration needed is to set who is on your team and where you want the updates to be shared.
Once configured, everyone can write their snippets by just hitting the big green button above the table of snippets. To streamline the tool for their use, you can move these first setup sections to a sub-page, or just collapse them.

Who’s sharing updates?

Add your team members to the table below so they get private reminders through Coda’s to write a status update (if they haven’t already started one):
Team members
Patrick Barry
Audrey Bauer
There are no rows in this table

Don’t use Slack?

You can hook up our or packs instead!
See reminder message preview
Friendly automated reminder :) Can you write an update snippet in ?

Where should status updates be announced?

This doc will automatically send a Slack message to the
channel reminding folks to read everyone’s snippets on this doc.
See announcement message preview
We have 2 new status updates to read in

When should everything happen?

By default, this template runs a weekly cadence with reminders early Friday afternoon and status announcements on Monday morning, but, like everything in Coda docs, you can customize that!

🏃 You can run a daily status sharing cadence instead

This doc is pre-loaded with automations for either cadence, so you can just toggle this button on to switch to daily mode:
The daily cadence will run on

🕑 You can adjust the times that Slack messages are sent

You can set the days and times that all the Slack messages get sent. In the top right corner of this doc, go to
Screen Shot 2023-04-06 at 2.38.59 PM.png
then select Automations.

You’re ready to use the tool

You’ve finished the setup process! The only thing your team members need to know is to press this big green button whenever they get a Slack reminder. It will give them a writing canvas pre-tagged with their name and the date.

Add a new update

For best results, status updates should:
Be oriented around projects, not just stream-of-conscious
Include links so interested folks can dig in to learn more
State your plans for the next week (or day)

Read everyone’s Snippets

Is old?
Patrick Barry
Project Nigiri
Rolled the tamago
Removed the wasabi per
Tried to recruit Jiro as an influencer
Next week plan
Record first draft of the documentary
5/13/2024, 9:31 AM
Audrey Bauer
Project Nigiri:
Cooked the miso
Ranked the top edamame producers across several dimensions -
Plan for next week:
Visit Tsukiji market
Go fishing
5/13/2024, 9:31 AM
There are no rows in this table

What Snippets are shown by default?

The automations in this doc automatically track when announcements go out in the controls below, so the table can automatically filter itself intelligently.
Most recent announcement:
Mon, May 13, 9:01 AM
Prior announcement:
Mon, May 6, 9:02 AM
To see older Snippets, feel free to play with the filter bar on the table — those are personal controls that don’t affect how other users see the table.


Want to take this tool to the next level?

Coda has hundreds of Packs to pull in your team’s data from wherever it is!
If you’re an engineer, you might use the to automatically share recent Pull Requests, maybe with from Coda’s gallery. Or the , the , etc.
Other folks might be more interested in Coda’s , , , or one of many more in .

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