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Sessão 9 - 26/09/2021

Party é interceptada pelo dragão. O alvo do dragão era a Mimosa.
Apesar dos esforços da party, a Mimosa foi levada pelo dragão.
Party recebe a recompensa da quest: 20GP para cada.
Nova quest no quadro:
"Within a mountain fifteen miles south of Phandalin stands the ancient dwarven fortress of Axeholm, which has been sealed for years. If a dragon attack is imminent, the people of Phandalin might need to evacuate and take refuge in Axeholm. To that end, someone needs to open the fortress and make it safe for habitation. Once you accomplish these tasks, return to Townmaster Wester to collect a reward of 250 gp." If the characters undertake this quest, proceed with "Axeholm."
Convidar anões para achar tesouros na fortaleza
Party encontrou a Zuma em Phandalim

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