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It's Time to Move! - A planner to organize your next move.

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Let's get ready to move!

Use this Doc to track and catalog your journey of finding and moving into a new home, from keeping track of what places you're interested in to what you've packed.
"Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life."
- Christina Scalise
Having a planner when you are looking to move is a great way to make the process less chaotic, more organized, and maybe even more exciting! For this particular planner, you have four sections:

- This section will be where you can calculate what price range you can afford for a new place. You’ll input your estimates for your monthly income and expenses, set the percentage you want to take from the remaining funds to go towards a new place, and from there you will see what your budget is and how much you’ll have remaining at the end of the month.
- This section is where you will keep track of the places you are considering. The page will show you the places you have already toured, while the page will be where you add all your data about the places you are considering.
- This section is where you will list out the items you need for the move (i.e. lamps, furniture, etc.). There is also a secondary page () where you can add all the options available for the items you need for the move to keep it all in one place.

- This section is where you can catalog what you have packed and where. You can add categories and containers under the page so you can have a friendly reminder of what you have available. This section will come in handy when you move in and you’re wondering where something is but can’t remember. It will make the unpacking process much more organized and efficient.

All these sections come together to give you an all-encompassing Doc for your moving process. It is also mobile friendly so you can add and view information while on the go!
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Happy planning!
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