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It's Time to Move! - A planner to organize your next move.
Items Needed for Move

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Purchase Options

This is where you will add your purchase options for the Items Needed for the Move. The options added to the table are options you may find for your needed items. Like if you are looking for Coffee Tables (this item is on the table), you can add all the Coffee Table options you find online or in-store to the table below so you can weigh your options in one place before purchasing. Even if you find something while you’re out and purchase it then, you can come back to add the item on the table below so that the amount spent on the item will be deducted from the Budget present on the page.
The “Purchase Item” column is a lookup column of the table. The Item Link column automatically puts “Product Link” for a new row where you can hyperlink the item URL if available. And, the “Purchase Price” column is for the final price paid (i.e. including taxes, fees, etc.) if the item was purchased. This price will then be used in the Budget calculation.
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Bedroom Pillows
Item Options

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