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Like the robot game, there is a specific list of project tips and tricks to become very successful!
Divide up your work: Let everyone get a share in the fun of making a project! Don’t get too caught up in having one person dedicated to the project and do it as a team. Assign “homework” for team members to work on outside of team meetings. For example: One team member should work on sending out an email to this person and another team member should send out an email to the other person.
Always brainstorm ideas: While one idea might seem really great in the moment, make sure to brainstorm more ideas before deciding to pick it. For you might find a better one after thinking for a little bit. If you seem stuck between ideas, try starting both for a week and seeing which one you guys are more interested in.
Design your project fully before proceeding: Regardless of whether the idea is physically built or made through software, make sure you have a full plan on what needs to be made and how it’s going to be done before you start working on it. You don’t want to have to lose time in the season remaking old prototypes or spending unnecessary time in parts of the process.
Meet with experts to get more information: As a part of the brainstorming process, try and come up with people who have experience in your project area, they can often tell you what problems and solutions already exist. Keep referencing these experts throughout the process to get their input on your project as you make changes.
Share with your friends and family to get more feedback: Experts aren’t the only way to gather information on your topic, you can ask friends and family for advice and how to make your product better. They can try out your product and give valuable user feedback from a similar perspective as a judge at a real competition.
Make a fun and engaging demo: Having a strong project is just one piece of the puzzle, don’t forget to engage the judges when you tell them about it. The judges always receive teams’ projects more positively when they are presented with a funny or dramatic interpretation. Remember, these judges sit through 10 or so of the presentations during the competition, if you really want them to remember you, make sure you stand out. Try adding funny references and maybe even a skit!

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