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Welcome to the First Lego League Team Tracker Template for SuperPowered!

A template from award-winning team #PandaPower (33017): Our key to organizing and coordinating our team

The secret to a great FLL team: Coordinated Teamwork

We are team 33017, #PandaPower, and this is the team tracker we designed to help us become a more successful team. We have been a team for the past 4 years and have been nominated to attend the FLL World Festival 3 times!
We believe that being organized and coordinated is the best way to become a successful team, so we wanted to share our organization tricks. Having our tracker very clear and thorough helps us keep our team focused throughout the year and allows us to better convey our successes and steps through the season to our judges during competitions.
Here’s a video of our robot run from last year, and here’s the link to our project from a couple seasons ago.

Building a single workspace for your team

A few seasons back, we started using
for our team tracker. Coda is a new type of all-in-one doc that combined the best part of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and applications into a single canvas. Before this, we were using a mess of lots of email and Google chat, and tons of Google docs/spreadsheets/slides.
The key to this document is that it is a single place for everything our team does. It’s where we keep everything from notes from our meetings, to how we brainstorm project and robot ideas, to tracking every practice run. It’s pretty similar to Google Docs - but you can add a page for anything.
This document is SUPER helpful as you get closer to the competitions because it’s an easy way to see all the progress your team has made throughout the year. Judges love to see your progress, failures, successes, etc. from the season, so make sure to update this tracker frequently with notes, ideas, and most importantly, pictures!

How to use this template

This document will track all our work and notes for your First Lego League team. It contains a few key areas:
A milestone tracker to ensure we stay on plan
Separate sections for the Robot related work and the Project related work
... and much more!
Feel free to add sections, tables, views, etc


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