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Coda Sync for Unity
With Coda Sync for Unity, you create and edit all your game’s data in a collaborative environment designed for teams!

Coda Sync is available on Github for free.

An easy-to-use database system for your Unity Games based on Coda

When creating games, developers often have to setup many elements: items, gears, enemies, characters, shops, levels, …
You can create editors to do this, but most of the time you end up editing a huge amount of data for which you actually need… a database!

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As a game studio, we often had this issue so we have made this database sync tool to make this process more friendly and efficient:
It converts Coda tables into Unity Scriptable Object classes
It converts table entries into instances of these classes
It stores all theses instances in a database class that is easily accessible for your code
And since these data are Scriptable Objects, they can easily be serialized and use anywhere in your game project
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⚠️ Important notice: with Coda Sync for Unity, your data is stored as Scriptable Objects in your Unity Project. Once your game is built on the platform of your choice, the data is not connected anymore with the Coda doc and will remain as is, until you make a new build. This is a design choice: our solution is made to design and sync game data; it’s not a live ops tool.

What is Coda?

Coda is the all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together.
Coda comes with a set of building blocksーlike pages for infinite depth, tables that talk to each other, and buttons that take action inside or outside your docーso anyone can make a doc as powerful as an app!
Our studio is a proud Coda Maker for a few years already! We use Coda for all our documents, from Game design docs, to project management, meeting minutes, level design, knowledge base, and even what you are reading now is a Coda doc.
Coda offers an , with a generous free tier that should cover your needs for most of the use case. 🔥
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How to use it in my game?

Synchronize data between you Coda doc and your game

Let’s see how you can use Coda to synchronise your data, stored in tables, with your Unity Game:
start by creating tables in Coda, or (click the link and copy the doc). You define the columns you need and their type (string, float, list...). It can be anything really, like level design settings, character sheet, items descriptions...
in Unity you quickly set your project to sync with you Coda doc(s). Check how easy it is in our
once you click on sync, all you tables are there, as Scriptable Object classes, and each entry is converted into an instance of these classes.
the cool part is that every column is changed into the corresponding C# property type: text → strings, number → float, lookup → a reference to another synchronized Scriptable Object Class (!) see for more info on the data conversion.
You will also get an easy to access list for each scriptable object class that stores all the entries for this class.
One more thing: you can synchronized assets lists from Unity (e.g. sprites names that you want to use for your items) to your coda document. These assets will be then referenced by the generated scriptable objects. See for more info.

Design, organize, keep records...

You can use Coda for anything actually, like for your game design, or tasks. Just check !
Head into Coda Gallery to discover the amazing docs the community is sharing:

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