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PSR events are:

Discussed in a weekly meeting or on Discord (PSR meetings)
Open to everyone interested to come/ play / help organise
Event page on PSR web
Recording to Soundcloud as a private link (optional)
Photos & Videos to Mega, Instagram, Youtube (optional)

How to do it:

1. Create a team
Column 3
Who is the lead?
A person who coordinates the team, makes sure everyone does what they should
Who are the event hosts?
Responsible for tidiness, tech setup, bar, noise level, closing event, cleaning
Who arranges the line-up?
Offer PSR community to participate. Planned line up VS open decks?
Who creates the artwork?
For PSR web, insta (+ optionally print)
Who makes announcements?
PSR web, Libretime, Instagram, Discord, Mailerlite, Print?
Who edits & uploads the recording?
There are no rows in this table

2. Create the concept

Great when events are unique in their concept
Planned line up or (/and) open decks?
Pro tip #1: Works well to involve visitors by offering them to contribute by open decks/ dressing up / bringing an item / etc.
Pro tip #2: for open decks use a whiteboard to plan it. Decide on the time slots and let people fill in their names.

3. Book the

Make sure to book exact hours in the . “All day” events don’t count.

4. Make announcements on:

PSR home page (artwork)
PSR Supporter Discord
PSR Mailerlite
Instagram (share a link to the event page)
Optional: print & share posters in the city

5. Come early to prepare

At least 1 hour before to soundcheck, clean, decorate
Rushing takes the fun away
Restock the bar if needed. Email your receipt to for reimbursement

6. During the event (applies to all PSR team members)

Be a host to visitors (promote inclusivity)
Protect the gear: no drinks on the DJ table and on the Mixing desk
Help each other out with cleaning & order
Help visitors with donations / sales:
Bar (help to serve people, show how to donate)
Merch (please notify #merch-production-plant on Discord which items were bought in the studio)
Help other people become a regular PSR supporter (QR codes in the studio)
Make sure we don’t get into trouble:
Monitor the noise level outside (we are silent after 22:00)
No illegal activities inside the hut or outside openly
The bar is donations only, no sales : )
CLOSE the event carefully (responsibility of event hosts):
Clean as much as possible
Close all windows
Turn off all devices (esp. check the smoke machine & amplifier!)
Set the alarm on & lock the door

7. Clean the studio the next day

All event hosts must clean the studio (unless agreed differently)

8. Document the event (optional)

Take pictures, videos & share them on PSR Community Discord, Instagram
Share videos on our Youtube / Instagram / PSR event page

9. Archive the recording (optional)

Edit & upload the full recording as a private link
Archive the recording in MEGA
Share it in PSR community discord (great hidden content)
Share it in PSR event page

10. If money was discussed with a venue, make sure we get paid 💸

General recommendation for sharing income:
30% to PSR budget
70% to the ones who made it happen
If cash is not possible, then it’s easiest to receive a donation via
Also we can issue an invoice
If we receive money by transfer (not cash), we can only pay to DJs by getting invoices from them

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