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The Moti Myth

Chapter 1: Self-Sovereign Identity - A Personal Discovery Journey

Our journey starts with you. Within your own Self-sovereign Identity, a digital sanctuary is imagined. It's not just a mirror of your digital self, but an evolving space for personal reflection, development, and actualisation.

Chapter 2: Personal Map - Your Information Architecture

Inside this sanctuary, you start to construct. Crafting your Personal Map, a user-centered design of an information architecture that is your own. It's a tool you can navigate through various interfaces, from 2D and 3D to AR and VR experiences. This map becomes your life's blueprint, reflecting your values, offerings, and needs.

Chapter 3: Gardens - Communities of Shared Values

Your Personal Map acts as a compass, leading you towards others on a similar journey. The invisible forces of Karmic Physics draw those with akin values into Gardens. These are decentralized communities, blooming with collective identities, where shared values cultivate a sense of belonging. The culture within these Gardens is formed collectively, embodying the diversity of its members while fostering a sense of unity.

Chapter 4: Myth Creation Through Decentralized Events

Gardens serve as venues where Decentralized Events unfold. Individuals from various Gardens converge, weaving together collective narratives or myths about the future. Using the technique of backcasting, these futures are brought to the present, where everyone's skills, offerings, and needs become transparent. In this shared understanding, synergies are discovered, and teams organically form around common goals.

Chapter 5: Myth Incubation

Once shaped, a Myth is not static. It's a living, evolving narrative that changes with its creators, perpetually incubated and nourished. This Myth guides the actions and decisions of the communities who birthed it, shaping their shared destiny.
The Moti Myth is our collective journey. It's a canvas where we continuously imagine and re-imagine our shared future. It is an adventure of collective creation and evolution. Our hope is that this resonates with you, and together, we can continue to shape our shared future.

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