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The Moti Story




Moti envisions a world where creativity knows no bounds, where dreamers from all corners of the globe are empowered to unleash their full potential, and where collaboration and storytelling drive positive change and shape a future that reflects our shared aspirations.



Moti's mission is to be the catalyst for personal and collective transformation, empowering dreamers worldwide through a dynamic, decentralized platform. By fostering creativity, collaboration, and self-discovery, we provide the tools, resources, and opportunities for individuals to turn their dreams into reality, creating a ripple effect of inspiration and positive impact.



Moti is a platform where individuals come together to craft, share, and evolve stories about the future, connecting their aspirations with actionable paths. It's a space that nurtures ideas, turning dreams into shared narratives that inspire collective action.


Moti Myth

Chapter 1: Self-Solvent Identity - A Personal Discovery Journey

Our journey starts with you. Within your own Self-Solvent Identity a digital sanctuary is imagined. It's not just a mirror of your digital self, but an evolving space for personal reflection, development, and self-actualization.

Chapter 2: Personal Map - Your Information Architecture

Inside this sanctuary, you start to construct. Crafting your Personal Map, a user-centered design of an information architecture that is your own. It's a tool you can navigate through various interfaces, from 2D and 3D to AR and VR experiences. This map becomes your life's blueprint, reflecting your values, offerings, and needs.

Chapter 3: Gardens - Communities of Shared Values

Your Personal Map acts as a compass, leading you towards others on a similar journey. The invisible forces of Karmic Physics draw those with akin values into Gardens. These are decentralized communities, blooming with collective identities, where shared values cultivate a sense of belonging. The culture within these Gardens is formed collectively, embodying the diversity of its members while fostering a sense of unity.

Chapter 4: Myth Creation Through Decentralized Events

Gardens serve as venues where Decentralized Events unfold. Individuals from various Gardens converge, weaving together collective narratives or myths about the future. Using the technique of backcasting, these futures are brought to the present, where everyone's skills, offerings, and needs become transparent. In this shared understanding, synergies are discovered, and teams organically form around common goals.

Chapter 5: Myth Incubation

Once shaped, a Myth is not static. It's a living, evolving narrative that changes with its creators, perpetually incubated and nourished. This Myth guides the actions and decisions of the communities who birthed it, shaping their shared destiny.
The Moti Myth is our collective journey. It's a canvas where we continuously imagine and re-imagine our shared future. It is an adventure of collective creation and evolution. Our hope is that this resonates with you, and together, we can continue to shape our shared future.

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The Odyssey of Creation: Empowering Dreamers Worldwide

In an interconnected world, where creativity knows no bounds, there is an emerging movement that empowers the very fabric of human imagination and collaboration. This is the story of a venture that is building and empowering creators from around the world to construct their future.
Imagine a world where every individual is gifted with a self-sovereign identity, an unshakable foundation upon which they can safely and securely share their knowledge, emotions, aspirations, and even frustrations. A digital sanctuary, if you will, where the essence of one's being is sacred and solely owned by the individual.
As each person embraces this gift, they begin to unravel their personal map. This map is no ordinary map; it is a canvas for self-discovery, revealing their core values, talents, desires, and the infinite possibilities that lay ahead. This map is a compass, guiding them in their quest to realize who they can become.
Through a magical storytelling method known as backcasting, individuals are propelled into a future they desire. With their eyes set on the horizon, they craft a narrative, a myth that bridges the present and the future, shaping the odyssey they are to undertake.
Now, imagine this not as a solitary journey, but as a global symphony. People across the world, each armed with their personal maps, gather in decentralized events, connecting through creativity and purpose. These events, spread across the continents, are hives of collaboration where kindred spirits find each other.
Here, they do not just dream; they create. They weave together their narratives to form the Map of the Future. This map is more than just a destination; it’s a living, breathing testament to human collaboration and the boundless imagination that paints our collective journey.
And what forms as the core of this collaboration? The Dynamic Equity Membership Enterprise - teams built on trust, shared values, and a commitment to turning dreams into reality. Through co-investment of money, time, and talent, these teams transform ideas into tangible solutions.
Like clockwork, every month, the decentralized events evolve and adapt. They are the heartbeat of a continuous, agile product development cycle. With every cycle, the teams glean insights, gather resources, and fuel their journey to that shared horizon.
This isn’t just a venture; it's a movement. A tapestry woven from dreams, perseverance, and collective will. It is an odyssey of creation that transcends borders and time, uniting humanity in the ageless pursuit of building a future that reflects our shared hopes and boundless potential.
Creative Direction
Pinterest Board
Creators of the Future

Invite and Onboard Creators of the Future

The first step to revolutionize the way we shape our future is to invite and onboard diverse and imaginative minds. These creators are individuals with innovative ideas, vision, and the drive to make a difference in the world.
Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-Sovereign Identity

As a creator, you need an identity that is truly your own, an identity not tied to bureaucracies or limitations. Self-Sovereign Identity empowers creators by giving them full control over their personal information, values, and contributions, without intermediary intervention.
Personal Map

Personal Map

Imagine having a personal map; a comprehensive and dynamic representation of your skills, values, aspirations, and goals. This map is not just an overview; it's an evolving portrait of who you are and what you wish to accomplish.
Karmic Gravity

Karmic Gravity - Connections

In this ecosystem, your personal map exerts a ‘Karmic Gravity’. This is where like-minded individuals or those with complementary needs and offerings are drawn together. Your aspirations connect with those of others, forming a network of possibilities.
Decentralized Events

Decentralized Events - Map of the Future

These connections culminate in decentralized events, gatherings where creators collaboratively envision a collective future. In these events, the personal maps interweave to form a map of the future, an amalgamation of shared dreams and aligned goals.

Backcasting - Back to the Present

Having envisioned the future, we employ a methodology called Backcasting. It’s a storytelling technique where we define our desired future and then reverse engineer the steps needed to achieve it. This process brings us back to the present with a clearer understanding of the path forward.

DEME - Dynamic Equity Membership Enterprise

How do we make this vision a reality? Through the creation of Dynamic Equity Membership Enterprises (DEME). In a DEME, creators collaborate, co-invest, and collectively drive the project. It’s an agile structure that adapts according to the needs and resources of its members.
Agile Development Cycle

Decentralised Events - Agile Development of the Future

Lastly, the decentralised events become more than just gatherings; they transform into an Agile Development cycle for the future. With each event, the collective intelligence adapts, learns, and takes steps closer to the shared vision.
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