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2024 - 1 - 6 Directional Doc

Koii x MOTI [Proof of Concept]


Moti & Koii will enter the first stage of development from Feb 2024 to April 2024
AL & Koii will help build the Moti MVP Stack, which would include:
Moti Digital Identity Infrastructure
collaborate to build a comprehensive digital identity infrastructure. This infrastructure will enables an array of decentralized applications for user interaction creating and using their identity and data, and enable users to securely authenticate, authorize data usage, and manage their cards.
transform the existing link tree product into the Moti.bio MVP
developed together as a basis of displaying cards for the Infrastructure
this gives access to the other dApps
Social Aggregator
enable users to become 'digital agents' for Koii through the tying of social accounts
seamless signup for Koii users, on Koii app, powered by MOTI
further development into Social Data dApps
digital agent focused development
Koii Digital Agent dApp
Make money when you sleep
Al takes on the MOTI CTO role to lead the MOTI tech stack and development efforts of the MOTI MVP Stack
Pak takes on the Koii CMO role to lead the Koii go to market strategy
The Infrastructure and Moti.bio enables and enact B2B strategy and cycles based on this partnership's outcome


Alignment of Go-to-Market Strategy - The development timeline for Moti.bio and the social aggregated app will be aligned with Koii's token launch and airdrop strategy. This synchronization is designed to ensure a cohesive and impactful market entry, maximizing user acquisition and engagement, specific targeting Koii's users to sign up using MOTI
MOTI Fundraising Roadmap - also in line with Koii's token launch timetable and will synergise resources, like access to investors, co-appearance at events and joint roadshows through Koii's efforts

MOTI's own B2B Strategy [Digital Indentity Infra: Why?]

1. Ecosystem dApp Mapping This phase involves creating a high-level architectural design that aligns with our ethos of "Know Thy Self and Become Who You Are." It serves as a keystone document outlining our vision for Moti and how various dApps and partners might interact within our ecosystem. This process includes:
Research and Knowledge Acquisition: Engaging with the broader community to understand the landscape.
Mapping Contributors: Identifying key players who can contribute to and benefit from our digital identity infrastructure.
High-Level Architectural View: Documenting how these components fit together to support our vision.
2. B2B Cycle The B2B cycle is an iterative, strategic process designed to turn understanding into actionable partnerships. It comprises the following steps:
a. Identify Opportunities:
Utilizing ecosystem mapping to identify potential partners and market niches.
Grounding these opportunities in what's attainable and strategically aligned with Moti.
b. Lead Generation and Proposal Development:
Engaging with potential partners through networking and targeted outreach.
Tailoring proposals to address the unique needs and aspirations of each potential partner.
c. Market Testing:
Implementing strategies to test market receptiveness.
Gathering and analyzing feedback to measure the effectiveness of our approach.
d. Retrospective:
Reflecting on the outcomes and feedback received.
Iteratively refining our approach based on these insights.
3. Intentional Partnership Design With insights from the B2B cycle, we seek to design partnerships that are mutually beneficial and strategically aligned. This involves:
Solution-Oriented Synergies: Creating partnerships that solve genuine problems and add value.
Mutual Growth: Ensuring that partnerships not only benefit both parties but also contribute to the expansion of Moti's ecosystem.
Long-Term Vision: Aligning partnerships with Moti's long-term goals and vision.

What is Moti?

Introduction: Moti stands as a self-centered organization, deeply focused on empowering individuals through self-sovereign digital identities. Our vision is to cultivate an ecosystem where various projects synergistically enhance the digital self, allowing users to own, manage, and fully utilize their digital identity. This document concludes Moti's current identity and future focus.
1. Focused on the Self:
At its core, Moti is committed to building around the self. We believe that a strong and sovereign digital identity is the cornerstone of self-actualization in the digital age.
By enabling users to control their digital selves, we empower them to engage with the digital world in a more meaningful and secure manner.
2. Building an Ecosystem for Self-Actualization:
Our goal is to develop an ecosystem of projects that integrate with a self-sovereign digital identity infrastructure. This infrastructure serves as the foundation for various applications and services that contribute to personal growth and self-fulfillment.
We aim to support users in navigating through different levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, providing tools and resources that cater to their evolving self-actualization journey.
3. Ecosystem Mapping and Content Creation:
A significant focus of our R&D efforts is mapping ecosystem projects that align with our mission of fulfilling the self. This mapping helps us understand the landscape and identify potential collaborations that can enrich our ecosystem.
Concurrently, we are dedicated to building a brand around the self. Through inspiring content series and thought leadership, we aim to motivate humanity to invest in self-development and self-sovereignty.
4. B2B Cycle and Intentional Partnerships:
Our operational approach is driven by a B2B cycle where we proactively identify opportunities, create tailored proposals, and test the market in an iterative manner. This process ensures that we are constantly learning, adapting, and improving our strategies.
Each partnership is viewed as a critical stepping stone towards the broader goal of ecosystem development. We engage in intentional partnerships that align with our vision, ensuring mutual growth and contribution to the collective journey of self-actualization.
Conclusion: Moti is more than an organization; it's a movement towards empowering the individual in the digital age. We are committed to developing a robust ecosystem that supports self-sovereignty, self-management, and self-actualization. Through strategic ecosystem mapping, content creation, and intentional partnerships, we are paving the way for a future where the digital self is fully realized and celebrated. As we continue to evolve and grow, our focus remains steadfast on enabling each individual to become the best version of themselves in the digital realm.
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