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Google Analytics Pack

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Privacy Policy

Last update: April 29, 2022
This privacy policy explains how data is used by different Packs created by us. When referrencing to "Coda" the corresponding company Coda Project, Inc. and their website at is meant.
All Packs only work inside Coda docs, because of this a Coda login is required, for which Coda's own privacy policy applies.
In addition all Packs can only be used by connecting it to a corresponding account (Google account). The creation of this connection and the maintenance of this connection is done by Coda's website and their "SDK for Coda Packs". Therefore we are not liable for any damages as a result of malfunctioning of this connection.
The Packs itself do not store the fetched data, in particular it is stored within a Coda doc owned by the user and again regulated by Coda's own privacy policy.
Moreover the packs do not share the fetched data with third parties. Here it is worth mentioning that the user has the possibility within a Coda doc to share the fetched data with other Packs resp. third parties, yet this can only be done proactively by the user.

GA Pack

OAuth Scopes

This Pack uses the following OAuth scopes:
This scope is used to fetch data from Google Analytics Universal and GA4 properties. The Pack can only access data of Google Analytics properties to which the connected user has access.
The type of data which is fetched includes:
1) Reporting data which contains of dimensions and metrics (e.g. browser, page, number of users, number of sessions etc.)
2) Assets like custom segments, custom metrics and custom dimensions
The fetched data is then displayed within a Coda doc either as a single metric (e.g. 1,530 Users) or within a table.

Legal Domicile

Vienna, Austria

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