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Product Review Analysis

Let’s say we have a table containing reviews of our product. We can use formulas such as Names() and Topics() to see what our users talking about, and formulas such as Sentiments() and Emotions() to analyze how they feel.

Example - Customer review of the Amazon Basics Microwave™️

Could a voice control microwave be the new norm? The price is unbeatable for a name brand product, an official Amazon brand, so you can trust it at least. Secondly, despite the very low price, if you don't want to use the voice control, you can still use it as a regular microwave.
Nevertheless, as for now, microwaves cannot produce a food, a snack or beverages themselves. You have to manually put your food in the microwave. So, my thought was, if I can put a leftover in the microwave to heat it up, why can't I just press the buttons instead of using a voice command to warm my food? However, upon setting it up, I like the voice command more than pressing a couple of buttons.
The downside is the Amazon echo dot is no Star Trek Enterprise computer that is smarter than the user. So, there are times you have to rephrase a command for it to work.
So, is the Amazon Basics Microwave worth it? The answer is yes and no. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you already have a microwave, likely one that is built into your kitchen, under the cupboard etc. Most people won’t replace their large microwave for a small microwave like the Amazon microwave simply because it has voice control. However, if you are moving into a new small home or you are a student, you might consider getting it. Or your current microwave is small, and you need a replacement without breaking the bank, you might consider it as well.
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AI Analysis of the Review

Sentiment - POS stands for positive sentiment, NEG stands for negative sentiment:

Generated with the formula Summarize(text: .First() )

Mentioned Products:

Generated with the formulaNames(text: .First() ).Filter(CurrentValue.Type = "PRODUCT")


Generated with the formula Topics(text: .First() )

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