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Digital Impact Trainer


This role is offered for volunteer and placement/work experience programs.

About Otermans Institute

Otermans Institute (OI) is an international organisation based in London, focusing on research and developing affordable educational tools for a global audience using Artificial Intelligence (AI). OI is committed to democratising education through Artificial Intelligence, upskilling learners globally and making them more employable in Industrial Revolution 4.0.
We are on a mission to upskill 750 million students through soft skills and professional development skills training using AI- powered teachers, ensuring that no learner is left behind. Just recently, we launched the world’s first digital human AI teacher and a Conversational AI study buddy for children.
Separately, through our digital training, we are supporting learners who are forced out of school due to the pandemic, those who are in extremely remote locations, and those who have been affected by violence and war-like refugees in United Nations camps. We often work closely with governments including in the UK, NGOs and UN bodies to help upskill such learners and help them become more employable. Just in the past two years, we have impacted 35,000+ learners globally.
In this experience you will learn this teaching and training methodology, be a part of our journey, and gain experience while you create a direct and tangible impact in society. You will receive specific training on how to deliver online training to non-native English speakers and learners with special needs (certificate provided).

Your Role: Digital Impact Trainer

Sometimes the simplest things can create the biggest impact. You will provide training while interacting online with less advantaged students/learners to improve their employability. You will also look at how this training is received by others and provide feedback on the programme. You will be working with a diverse and international team and gain valuable transferable skills necessary for any workplace.
At the end of your experience, the candidate should have achieved the following goals:
Provided high-impact training to less advantaged students/learners in the UK and globally and created direct impact in their lives – e.g. special needs learners, refugee learners, rural learners, NEET, etc.
Some amount of peer management.
Data and impact evaluation.
Have a thorough understanding of online pedagogy.
Have learned how to produce succinct reports.
Gathered experience of working with an international team spread across time zones
Research methods and administrative skills, among other things.
On successful completion of your experience, you will receive a certificate and an official letter outlining your progress and the impact you have created within the organisation.


Essential Skills:
Fluent/Native level English speaker.
Basic IT skills involving Microsoft Excel, Word, email writing.
An understanding of how to use online/digital communication tools like Zoom, Microsoft Team and/or Google Meets.
Good Knowledge of Canva
Good communication skills, accuracy and good attention to detail.
Previous experience in front-facing charity work is desirable but not essential.
Note: Since this is a remote position, you must have access to a stable internet connection during working hours sufficient for zoom/meet calls. (A minimum of 3G or equivalent speeds recommended)

Process and how to apply:

All applications will be reviewed on a First-Come-First-Serve basis and the position might close once the required number of positions are filled. You should hear back from us with an update within two weeks of submitting the application. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a video interview before the final decision is made on your application.
Fill in the application form and upload your CV using the link. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch below.

Recent Impact Report (2020-21)


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