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Get Help!

Get support

If you're struggling with your mental health, or you're worried about one of your friends, there are lots of organisations and charities that offer help specifically for young people.

Support from charities

has a free, confidential telephone helpline and online service that aims to find you the best help, whatever the problem.
provides free, confidential, 24/7 text message support in the UK for anyone struggling to cope. They can help with issues including suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, abuse, self-harm, relationship problems and bullying. Text "Shout" to 85258 to speak to an empathetic, trained volunteer who will listen and work with you to solve problems.
If you're under 19, you can also call 0800 1111 to talk to . The number will not appear on your phone bill.

Support from the NHS

You can find more information about on the NHS website. You can also look at website.
Alternatively, most services also have their own website with information about access, referrals (including whether you can "self-refer") and contact details – try searching in your area for "CYPMHS" or "CAMHS" (children and adolescent mental health services, an older term used for some CYPMHS).
You can also talk to an adult you trust – for example, a parent, carer, teacher, social worker or GP – and they can look into this for you.

Struggling with student life

On top of all the usual thoughts, feelings and worries that are part and parcel of student life, the changes brought about because of COVID-19 – and the possibilities of a lack of face-to-face learning and needing to self-isolate due to outbreaks at uni – mean there are lots going on right now that might be tough to deal with.
It's a totally natural reaction to a difficult situation, and there's plenty of help available if you think you or someone you know needs it.
Find out more about student life during COVID-19 and where to get support:

Help for problems during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Some of us have faced really hard times recently. It can feel like no one can help, but there are lots of organisations out there to support you through:
Barnardo's has also set up the – a dedicated service to help children, young people and their families or carers with problems caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Support for different groups

There are lots of organisations and networks that provide advice and support for specific groups. It can help to connect with other young people and supporters who understand where you are coming from:
The Proud Trust –
Make Our Rights Reality –
Barnardo's –and help if you are
Council for Disabled Children –
If you have learning disabilities or you are autistic, this may have been an especially difficult time for you. Here are some resources that might be useful:
and both provide support and information, including an
Ambitious About Autism has information about what
Learning Disability England has some
has lots of help and advice – you can also contact its
you can for advice on going back to school
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