How to get QR Code for Sign Up Link:

Heeya! So you’ve made your photobooth sign up form. Now it’s time to create a QR code for your sign up form, that way it is easy for people in line to access and will speed up thee whole process! Also less paper, right?? 🌳 ❤️ ✨

Step 1: Make your form a public link.
Doing this allows people to fill out the form without having to be all up in our Coda docs—privacy is important!

Hover over your form, and you will see a few options pop up. Click on “Publish form”
Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 4.28.51 PM.png
On the right-hand side of the screen, a menu will pop up that has the following. Click “Create Link”.

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 4.29.02 PM.png
Once the link has been created, click the drop down arrow next to “Privacy” and make sure the only slider turned on is “Allow Submissions”.

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 4.29.30 PM.png

Step 2: Paste your Coda link into the generator and voila!
Use to create a QR Code for Free.

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 4.30.39 PM.png

Click on “URL” or simply paste your Coda form link and your QR code will be generated automatically.

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 4.46.11 PM.png

Then click “Download JPG”. A nice little #ad will show up, but don’t worry, it’s free. Your QR code will download with no problems.

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 4.47.47 PM.png

Step 3: Rename your file and save in OA G-Drive.

Once your QR code has downloaded, rename it appropriately + Save to the OA drive under COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT → ! You can now use your QR code in or just as it is to prepare for your next photobooth.

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 4.52.27 PM.png

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.