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Using AI to help with product management ideation to inspire roadmaps and features and the user stories to build them.


This is an interactive demo site

You can interact with this document and test the AI generation features without creating an account. However, nothing will be saved during this session. To use this document as your own and save your content, you’ll need to create an account (or log in) and copy this doc into your own workspace:
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In order to use the Coda AI features, you need to get access to their AI product. Once you create an account or login, make sure you go to the and click on ‘Get access to the Beta”, after which your account will get AI enabled.

Product Roadmap Generator

This product roadmap generator is designed to utilize Coda AI to brainstorm features, epics, user stories, and acceptance criteria to help you brainstorm ideas quickly.
With this tool, you can easily collaborate with your team to identify key features, prioritize them based on their importance, and develop user stories with acceptance criteria that meet your customers' needs. Additionally, the product roadmap generator provides a comprehensive view of your product development process, enabling you to track progress and make informed decisions about the next steps.

You can test:

Adding your different or ideas and having Coda AI generate for your products and choose which ones you want to keep.
Apply the to get AI-suggested prioritization for each of the ICE criteria. Use this to help where they fall in your roadmap (using the roadmap).
Generate and for each epic, getting detailed information on acceptance criteria, and QA test cases.
Generate artifacts (or manually add your own) and get a birds-eye view from a roadmap or in .
This generator is not meant to be a comprehensive product roadmap tool nor a project management tool. It has been designed to showcase the power of Coda AI and ability to mass generate quality product artifacts at scale.



Once you’ve reviewed the demo content, copy the doc to your own Coda workspace
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Make sure you have AI enabled on your workspace. Go to the and click on “Get Access to the Beta”: ​
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Once copied, you can reset all the planning tables by deleting all existing demo data. ​
Clear all demo data
You can start using the tool by beginning with the and add your product. From there you can have Coda AI generate and build out , , and from there.

🛠️ This was a MVP tool was created by If you have additional questions, or would like a more customized version of this tool, please reach out to chat!

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