Landing Page Copy Generator (w/ Chat-GPT prompt)

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4. Chat-GPT Prompt

Use this template to have Chat-GPT instantly generate the copy for your landing page or website's homepage.
Write the copy for a website following this framework:
Hero Section
About Section (Introduce the company and what they do & Highlight the customer’s dream and how the company can help)
Section Body
Problem Section (Highlight the customer’s pain point and how the company’s solution can help)
Section Body
Solution Section (Present the company’s solution as the answer to the customer’s problem)
Section Body
CTA Section (Encourage the customer to take action with a clear call to action)
Section Body
CTA (Call-to-action)
Social Proof Section (Include customer testimonials and case studies to show the company’s credibility)
Footer Section (Include contact information, links to social media, and additional resources)
The website is for a [type of business] called [business’ name] and their customers are [customer type (include age and/or defining trait or problem)]
Copy the Chat-GPT Template
Website Details Prompt Examples:
This website is for a social media marketing agency called Social Bites and their customers are restaurant owners with a great product but who are lacking in terms of marketing.
This website is for an auto repair service business called Jiffy’s and their customers are busy parents with multiple vehicles.
This website is for a podcast dashboard to manage your podcast production process. It’s called The Podcast MGMT Dashboard and is a doc. Their customers are podcast creators looking to systemize and simplify their process.
This website is for a SaaS product that helps you track your time. It’s called Free-Track and their customers are overwhelmed freelancers who lack a process and way to accurately track hours for billing clients.

Additional Prompts:
Get another headline for any section: Provide alternative ideas for the headline for the [Name of Section]
Example: Provide alternative ideas for the headline for the Problem Section.

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