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Hyperlink URL Extraction

There is no default way to extract the underlying URL from a hyperlink. However, by digging into the data of the underlying object, it is possible to pull out the URL.
The hidden formula _Merge() is intended to “deeply merge” any number of objects, but it is also a useful tool to convert any Coda object into its underlying object type, exposing all information pertaining to the specific object (by converting the underlying object to text as documented in this ).
Then, a simple use of the RegexMatch() formula to find the appropriate data field (containing the string “http” for example) allows the extraction of the underlying URL.

The full process as one formula and an example usage are as follows:
Full Object Information
Extracted URL
{"root":{"children":[{"id":"cl-g_EpWbcODi","type":"Line","style":"Paragraph","children":[{"text":""},{"id":"esv-1","type":"InlineStructuredValue","value":{"url":"https://coda.io/@noah/coda-lab","name":"Coda Lab","type":"urlref"},"children":[{"text":""}]},{"text":""}],"alignment":"Left","lineLevel":0}]},"type":"slate"}
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