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Key Accounts Weekly Meeting

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Key Accounts Weekly Meeting


(7 mins) - Sentiment - How are we feeling as a team - any wins from last week?
If you see an item from sentiment that merits more discussion, add it as a Topic
(15 min) - Standing Items - Announcements from Joe, and specific account check-ins.
Goal for account check-ins is to share status and ask the broader team for help with a few accounts / week
(18 mins) - Guest Visitors - When appropriate, visitors from other teams (PMM, PMs, Solutions!)
(20 mins) - Topics - Deep-dive into topics; don’t forget to upvote!

Sentiment Guide

Overall Sentiment - In general, how are you feeling? 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 - wow, couldn’t be better! 🌞 - I think I need a vacation for a month.
Main Areas of focus - What is your big rock for the week, how is it going?
Challenge on my mind - Something that’s “adding drag” to your work, that you’re having trouble with, could use more eyes on.
👍 Client Good News - A win or milestone, positive news related to a client.
👎 Client Hurdle - A setback or hurdle for a particular client.

Check In
Team Sentiment

Standing Items

Guest Visitors
Bonus Tip: In order to only see current week's sentiments, standing items, guest visitors, and topics but keep past weeks you will need to set up a filter for each table. In the top right of each table Click Filter > Add Filter > Date > Shishkabob at the top > Show formula > Copy and paste the below formula:
(thisRow.Date >= Today().DateStartOf("week") AND thisRow.Date <= Today().DateStartOf("week") + 6)
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