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Mike & Jenny Wedding

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Ushers Notes

Block off WPCS Parking Lot (reserved for Bridal Party)
Block off Susie’s driveway
Help keep time on wedding day
Get people to their seats!
Push people to sit at the front as much as possible EXCEPT for reserved seating for family (3 seats on Bride/left side, 2 seats on Groom/right side)... there are 3 family members of the groom that should sit front row as well. Make sure they sit in the three seats beside the Groom’s parents
Any Linares
Mario Linares
Otto (last name?)
Coordinate and take care of moving chairs from Ceremony to Reception Area (trucks should be around and available for your use!)
Hand out programs as people enter
Let’s talk about a few teams... parking lot, outside building, inside building!
Parking Lot:
Block the parking of WPCS
direct people where to go
outside building
direct people to team waiting inside
hand out programs
welcome to the wedding (greeting!)
inside building
guide them to their seats, make sure the seats get filled out nicely and the front is reserved for family
During the reception:
open seating
make sure that family gets the front tables
One full table at the front will fit: parents of groom, parents and brother of bride, grooms aunt and uncles (8 people)
Try to keep the young people, friends of the groom/bride sitting closer to the front
Random people more to the back
People that travelled far should go closer the front (ie east coast people and etc)
keep an eye out for MIke’s school/work friends, try to guide them to the same table and do your best to make sure no one weird tries to sit with them... they should fill up one table
keep an eye out for how the tables get filled, and try to guide people to sit together instead of one person just taking up a whole table and another person taking up their own table!
At the end of the night, help Nicole/Tobias and bridal party to get everyone in formation for the sparkler sendoff
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