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Questions about the Junction Triangle ThingShare
Um... What?
The Junction Triangle ThingShare helps neighbours lend each other useful Things they may have lying around. People who have Things post them, and people who want to borrow those Things ask if they can.
This lets us all buy less stuff, get to know our neighbours, and give a newfound sense of purpose to our dusty fondue sets.
Who owns the Things in the catalogue?
Most Things in the catalogue are owned by individual residents of the Junction Triangle, and can be borrowed from them directly. Some Things are owned by the George Chuvalo Neighbourhood Centre and can be borrowed from there.
Where’s the Junction Triangle?
The is a neighbourhood in West Toronto in the area of Bloor St W, Lansdowne Ave, Dupont St, and Dundas St. W. It’s bounded on its 3 sides by the railroad tracks. Please keep listings within these boundaries (though we welcome borrowers as long as they’re still nearby).
Does this cost anything?
Nope! However, the George Chuvalo Neighbourhood Centre does incur some costs related to operating the ThingShare. GCNC is part of the Christie-Ossington Neighbourhood Centre group, which you can donate to
Sounds risky...
It might be! The ThingShare is just here to connect neighbours together; from there it’s still up to neighbours to be neighbourly. Please treat each other’s Things (and each other!) with respect and care. And maybe don’t post family heirlooms.
You can read more about risks on the page.
How To
How can I share a Thing I have?
in the catalogue
We’ll let you know by email when someone wants to borrow your Thing, and you can decide whether you want to lend it to them - it’s completely up to you.
You can ask the borrower to pick the Thing up from you, or you can drop your Thing off at the and let them take care of the handoff.
How can I borrow a Thing I see?
Select the Thing you want, and choose Request to Borrow
We’ll connect you with the lender by email and the two of you can work out the details. Don’t be discouraged if the lender declines; the item might not be available on the dates you requested or they might not be comfortable lending it to you.
Depending on what you agree with the lender, you can pick the Thing up from them, or from the .
Enjoy the Thing
Return the Thing in good condition at the time you and the lender agreed to.
Any tips for making lending arrangements?
Once the ThingShare connects a lender and a borrower, the details are up to them. But here are some recommendations:
When making arrangements:
Be clear about pick-up and return times
If you’re not sure whether a Thing is appropriate for your needs, ask
If the Thing requires certain skills or experience, make sure the borrower has them
Decide whether to do the handoff at home, or have the lender drop the Thing off at the for the borrower to pick up during the centre’s regular hours
When picking up:
During COVID, abide by any government restrictions, and exercise proper precautions like social distancing and mask wearing.
Take a picture of the Thing to document its condition at the time of pickup
Have the lender take a picture of the borrower, or the borrower’s ID, as a safeguard against theft/fraud
If something goes wrong:
If the borrower damages or loses the Thing, the borrower should repair or replace the Thing
If anything bad happens (loss, damage, injury, etc), please let us know at
Note that the Junction Triangle ThingShare is not responsible for damage or loss of Things, injury or damage caused by Things, or other risks. Please ensure you understand and agree to the before proceeding.
I can’t find the Thing I need
We also have a where you can request things that aren’t in the catalogue. Or if you think it might be useful to other people, buy one and share it! 😃
How can I contact the team behind the ThingShare?
If you have any trouble with the site or want to get in touch, reach out to
I wish this was in my neighbourhood
It can be! Get in touch and we’ll tell you about our experience setting it up.

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