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June `22 - August `22

Assemble co-founders
Assemble advisory board (Paul Graham + Eric Mazur)
Raise funds
Define selection criteria for 3 month, $50k program

September `22 - December `22

Create application
Build hype
Application goes live
Market application to potential candidates

January `23

Select first round of candidates

February `23 - April `23

[If maximum not reached] Select candidates on rolling basis
Define selection criteria for 10 year, $250k program
Establish partnerships with service DAOs

May `23

Application closes
Candidates receive funds

June `23 - August `23

3 months, $50k program
Weekly check ins

September `23

Top performers are selected
250k for 10 years salary begins
Fellows have the option to live in SF house

Additional Work Items

Curating a list of societal problems and entities working on them.
Partnering with awesome companies who are solving these problems to offer shadowing (sitting in on meetings), access to documents, access to task lists, and/or company learning modules.
Partner with academics who are solving interesting problems to offer fellows shadowing opportunities and mentorship.
Provide mentors / coaches - we hire on demand coaches or have mentors who receive equity in the companies fellows create.
Provide fellows with a list of investors their preferred areas of investment.
Fellow curated learning modules for self guided learning on any topic of interest.
Speakers on interesting topics
Learning modules for skills like grit & original thinking.
New Credentials: Creating a 3 month program that demonstrates a students ability to thrive in any environment. From our learnings of how to identify top candidates, we would be able to create this program which could be used by companies when making hiring decisions.

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