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How to use this doc

This doc is an example of a basic Configure, Price, Quote tool.

Users can add multiple products to a “quote” in the , reference the appropriate volume discounting for each as specified in , and then manage approvals and draft proposal emails from the .

To use this doc:

Use the to configure a quote.
Select a Quote Creator and a Customer for the quote you’re building. (‘Quote Creator’ could easily be defaulted to User(), I left it selectable to allow demo of multiple approved discounts)
Under Product Line Item, you can select a product, volume, and price, and then push “Add to Quote” to add the line item to the quote draft below. Try this for a few products!
Under Quote Draft, the line items are added with their total cost, discounts, and the approval required for the Sales discount, where necessary. There’s also the total cost of the quote with the total discount and the Highest Approver Required, ie the most senior approval needed to ship the quote.
Once you’re finished, make sure you’ve added a Quote Name and then hit ‘Submit Quote for Approval’ to add it to the approval queue
Hit “Clear All” to clear out all the input values and delete the current quote line items
Navigate to to see quotes waiting for approval. You should see yourself added as “CEO” under the (congrats on the new role!) so you have the power to approve any pending quotes.
Click on the “Reminder” button for a quote to send a notification to the approver reminding them to review the quote
Click on “Approve” to approve the quote for release and unlock the ability to generate an email draft
Click on “Draft Proposal Email” (after connecting to the GMail pack) to send a draft email to the Primary Contact of the customer outlining the quote to your Drafts folder

To build your own CPQ:

Copy this doc
Add your products, product family grouping (optional), and unit list prices to
Modify for each product to the desired discounted prices and minimum volumes
Add your users, their approved discounts, and reporting structure to
Add your customers and relevant contacts to (or sync in your existing customer list from your own
or similar doc!)
💸 Get to quoting! 💸

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