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Heard & Learned

Below, we share key insights and research findings from our Community Food Utility catalyst project, focusing primarily on the following tools and methods:
Spotlight Map, in which we gather input from Spotlight Interviews with individuals with deep knowledge within the impact areas. Information is displayed in an interactive mind map for synthesis and ease of sharing.
Impact Journeys, in which we map sequential points in the journey in an impact area from the perspective of the impacted person(s). This process helps visualize the bottlenecks and identify potential solution pathways.
Tri-Sector Innovation Canvas, in which we visualize and establish connections, leading toward the creation of an impactful tri-sector strategy.
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Explore the Spotlight Map

The Denver Spotlight Map below, accessible by clicking the black arrow, reflects what we heard and learned from over 40 Spotlight Interviews conducted with people with experience and knowledge from all sectors and facets of the food system and addressing hunger, primarily in the Denver area.
The information is organized around themes that emerged in the interviews, such as “food consumption,” “food support,” and “agriculture.” Key Insights are highlighted in blue and opportunities are highlighted in yellow.

Fig 1. Spotlight Map Denver

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Explore the Impact Journey

The Impact Journey below was created through insights from Desk Research and Spotlight Interviews from experts in the space as well as community residents of Denver County.
Curious about what a food insecure shopper’s journey looks like compared to a shopper not facing food insecurity? Click the black arrow below and take a look through our Impact journey.

Fig 2.

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Explore the Tri-Sector Innovation Canvas

A Tri-sector Innovation Canvas helps innovators frame potential innovations by visualizing insights, resources, alignments, and connections discovered earlier in the innovation process. The tool helps to identify potential combinations for reimagining resources and aligning self interests within private, public, and social sectors.
The document below contains (1) a blank innovation canvas, (2) a version of the canvas featuring the innovation questions connected to each field, and (3) a completed tri-sector innovation canvas, containing the details and data gathered throughout the community food utility project. Some browsers may prevent previewing; if pdf doesn’t appear, please download.
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