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Order of priority

Assets Needed: (Count, Estimates, Deadline needed) Needed Marketing inputs

Character - Ganesh
Action - 100
Character parts Assets creation - Ganesh
Properties Collection- Jerry team
Background -Jerry team
Hand types -Ganesh
New Whiteboard Templates

UX needed :
Features list (daya, Ganesh)
Effects List
Editor UI
Character Builder UI
Library panel changes
Landing page Whiteboard

Development :
Hand motion Enter & Exit Effects
Stroke (dot, line, color) (needed No) -Ganesh
Background (Black & White)
Environment ready (Stroke direction starting to Ending position) - inprogress
Any Previous Animaker 1.0 asset can be reuse here? NO
Path Animation
Overflow parts POC
10 Sample of Assets collection
Parts sample
Hand Animation / Hand
5 Action animation POC
Character Builder

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