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College Visit Planner –– Maximizing 13 Colleges in 5 Days
Visit logistics
Questions for Students
(to ask over boba/coffee/dinner/walking tour) 🚶

Academics 🏫
Finals? Semester vs quarter system?
Who are classes taught by? Professors vs TA’s?
Freedom in class selection? Core curriculum?
How many classes are you taking? Length of classes?
How easy to get help/ how accessible are professors?
How easy is it to change majors?
What is your favorite class/professor here?
How many papers do you write in an average week?
How well does this school support its students (advising, personal relationships, etc.)?
Student Life 💃
Is the environment here more competitive or more collaborative (how often do students work together on homework, projects, etc.)
How did you deal with the weather transition?
What is the breakdown between student life and academics?
How are the dorms? Are there good food options? How are roommates chosen?
What are your favorite places to eat, go, etc. near here? (for recommendations and also to get a sense of the kind of students)
How do students here spend their weekends?
Do many students participate in .... (intramural sports, research w/ professors, internships, volunteer work, etc.)?
Other 📝
What made you stand out when you were applying?
Did high school prepare you well?
Why did you consider attending this school? What was the deciding factor?
Are you happy to be here?
Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?
What is your least favorite aspect of your school?
Is there anything you wish you had known before you decided to go to this school?
Would someone like me be happy at this school?
What is your college's spirit animal?
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