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Character Profile

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Character Profile

Birth Name: “Narcissa” Anglicized Name: Nancy Altman House: Slytherin


Hair: Black, silky straight from the roots but becomes curly at the ends/tip. Eyes: Emerald Green Skin: Tan Nationality: Filipino-Bavarian Distinctive features: Beauty marks

Personality, Psyche

Personality: sarcastic, sweet, and witty Flaws: stubborn, impatient, tend to be manipulative (when necessary) Best skills/talents: dueling, astrology, comedy Favorite class: Defense against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration

Family, Friends, Relationships

Mother: Elena, a witch healer from an ancient magical tribe in the Philippine Islands Father: Josef, a wizard with Bavarian roots Sebastian Sallow - good friends, 100% platonic Ominis Gaunt - true love, soulmate (you can never break them up!)

Professor Fig - close guardian, mentor

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