Pack Demo: Advisor

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Terms of Service

Use of this pack requires compliance with OpenAI’s rules about the usage of GPT-3. Violent, pornographic and illegal search terms will not return meaningful answers, and may flag your account for scrutiny.
The advisor pack is offered in a spirit of play and discovery — think of this as a 21st century Oujia board, capable of manifesting the collective subconscious’s perspectives on these figures and how they may have answers through joyful self-delusion. That doesn’t make the answers to the questions less real or less interesting or even less helpful, though! But please use it in this spirit. Do not base major life decisions on what it tells you (unless you’re into impulsivity and chaotic decision-making, in which case have at it).
I don’t care what you type into this thing as long as it’s not abusive or harmful as per above, but you should know that everything run through this is associated with the account you install it with and OpenAI has records of every transaction. So if you expose this to your users, know that you’re responsible for what they submit as well. For that reason we advice using this in private documents, or in docs with known collaborators.

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