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Advisor Pack Demo

Sample Output from the Advisor Pack
Introducing the Advisor Pack — level up your Coda experience with the full power of GPT-3, OpenAI’s flagship product.
This app allows you to name an advisor — anyone, living or dead, real or fictional — that GPT-3 would have in its dataset and ask a question, and GPT will reply as if it were that advisor. If you don’t name an advisor it’ll simply answer as itself, a generally helpful AI that gives oddly pithy answers to complex questions.
The pack contains a formula that structures and submits a prompt to GPT-3. You can use it anywhere that you’d receive text, but I advise manually triggering it to avoid sending partial prompts as you type. Usage looks like this: Advisor::Advise([<Your User>], question_text, advisor: advisor_name)
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For best results you want to use someone with a really well-defined character in popular culture. Someone like Ebeneezer Scrooge or Loki or Jesus will work better than e.g. Pinky and the Brain, but the results can still be surprisingly good. See the examples above!

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