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Public Copy - Knowledge Manager

To-Do List

Create a template for each book summary
Complete backlog of book summaries

Knowledge Overview

Directed Learning
Consider how to direct one’s learning towards the areas that need development based on one’s mission, vision, values, goals, and projects in progress.
Ex 1: I’ve identified that I needed to improve my ability to regulate my emotions and manage myself. This includes being aware of my mindset, learning strategies to cope, and learning how to manage my time. Thus I’ve focused heavily on personal development books.
Ex 2: One of my main projects is to help my parents build their company and independent income streams in Nicaragua. In tandem I’m working on my own business + reflecting on my personal financial experience and experience at Refresh. I’ve identified the need to improve my personal and business accounting knowledge. Therefore I’m focusing on books, podcasts, research, and videos regarding basic financials like balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements.
The key is to align the time I spend learning with my overall goals. In this section I would like to be able to set targets to measure competency in XYZ for example. My targets for financial literacy are to develop a balance sheet (net worth + snapshot), cash flow (in/out), budget, and income statement. In order to do so I’ll read XYZ articles and spend X amount of time in this area.
Current structure:
Daily → something
Weekly → compile notes
Monthly ~ review notes and create summaries
Draft posts targeting 1 per week
Yearly ~ review summaries identify books to revisit
Future Features:
Ability to create courses to drive learning in a particular area identified through self reflection
Goal: Improve communication to form deeper connections
Watch ~ Read ~ Listen to certain content
Current Areas:
SSOT → Reference Tables + Index + Source List
Inputs → Views of Master Source Lists by Format
Insights → Views of Master Notes List by Format

Curriculum Builder - Scratch

Curriculum builder where I can select classes and build a learning plan around certain topics?
Able to pull in classes and resources from several different areas
Output a list of media to consume
Categorize and organize classes
Topic → Sub-Topic → Specialty
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