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Working with trades.org

The customer has hired to serve as the coordinator and primary point of contact for this project. It’s our job to be an impartial and trusted intermediary that works with both parties to ensure project success.
We will collect three or more estimates, then work with the customer to choose a vendor to move forward with.
If you are chosen you will work with the coordinator at to verify insurance, schedule the project, agree on milestone payments, and get a contract between you and the customer executed.
If you are not chosen after conducting an on-site or provided a qualified estimate, you will be granted a credit with that you can receive as a bonus on a future project or apply towards services we offer.
The customer has asked us to serve as the coordinator for both parties’ protection. If you try to go around us and work with the customer directly, the customer will notify us and you will be immediately disqualified from this project and from receiving future projects for us.

About trades.org

We work with trade pros and customers to ensure that projects succeed.

How we help projects succeed

Everyone knows someone with a trade project horror story. Sometimes contractors are the bad guys, taking customer money and abandoning the project unfinished. Other times it’s the unreasonable customer unwilling to pay pros for a job well done.
trades.org acts as the trusted intermediary working with both parties to make sure everyone lives up to their commitments and that the project gets done right.
We thoroughly review our trade pros and customers to make sure they’re qualified for the project, make sure that expectations, costs, and time tables are properly agreed upon, and track project progress and payments to make sure both parties have everything they need to succeed and get what they want.

How we help trade pros succeed

In addition to providing free leads, we provide trade pros with affordable marketing, sales, and back-office solutions so that they can worry less about running their business and instead focus on delivering an excellent product.
We provide a number of different services:
Get a website, work phone number, and work email
Have us manage content on your website and social profiles
Use our answering service to handle your sales calls, texts, and emails
Sell us the projects you’re not interested in taking
We can help you find quality subs to add to your crew in a variety of trades
We’ll help you form your LLC and get registered with the state
We’ll help you shop for business insurance
We’ll help you design your logo and get business cards, signs, decals, and more
Use our standard contracts for all of your projects
Use our payment processor so you can easily receive credit card or bank transfer payments
We’ll help you offer financing to your customers for their home improvement projects
We’ll help you with personal services, too, like personal health, dental, and medical insurance, getting your ITIN, building your credit, and more.

We’re a trade organization focused on helping trade workers and their customers succeed, both at work and in life. If there’s anything else we can to do help, let us know. We’ll work hard to find a way to help.

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