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Replace existing pool controller.
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Project Overview

Replace the existing Intermatic Pf1202T with the GE 14285 to drive the pool pump and filter.


For this job you will:

Disconnect and remove the existing Intermatic controller.
Install and connect the new GE controller (already on-site).
Briefly stand-by while someone else connects the GE controller to the SmartHome hub to make sure it can be controlled by phone.

Things to know:

You can choose to take the Intermatic controller with you if you want, or we’re happy to dispose of it.
The Intermatic controller supports two circuits that are activated either by timer or temperature trigger. I believe that only the water pump / filter circuit is being used and that it is controlled by a timer.

The second circuit was supposed to be used for the water heater, but it’s never worked as long as I’ve owned the house and I do not need it. If the second circuit is connected to the water heater, please disconnect it and leave it disconnected. Please do not take or dispose of the water heater. We may use it in the future.


Please provide proof of license and active insurance.


Intermatic Timing Control Center
Intermatic Timing Control Center
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