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Seeking plumber to repair various issues in multiple properties.
Various - provided in scope
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Project Overview

Property manager of multiple properties has plumbing maintenance and repairs to be conducted. There is a separate project bid for HVAC work.


These properties are clustered near one another:

1703 Deerfield Dr. Austin, TX 78741

Dishwasher is clogged and needs to be cleared.
Dishwasher moves when run and needs to be attached so it doesn’t move as easily.

1707 Deerfield Dr. Austin, TX 78741

The kitchen plumbing appears to clog easily. Please investigate to determine extent of issue.
Dishwasher is clogged and needs to be cleared.
There’s a leak in the back wall of the house by the kitchen that is creating rot. (see photo)

1711 Deerfield Dr. Austin, TX 78741

Dishwasher clog needs to be cleared.

1910 Woodland Ave, Unit B, Austin, TX 78741

There’s a leak in the washing machine connect.

These properties are located elsewhere:

3605 Menchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Upstairs bathroom drain is very slow. Figure out why and fix it so it drains quickly.
The upstairs bathroom sink and downstairs kitchen sink needs to be resealed.
The kitchen sink occasionally leaks. Investigate and repair.

704 W 21st St, 101, Austin, TX 78705

Kitchen sink is leaking when water runs (see video)
Master bathroom has leak behind toilet that appears to be rotting out the wall. (see photos).




1707 Deerfield Dr - Kitchen and Wall
These are the different plumbing-related issues at 1707 Deerfield
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