RFP AUS-27058
The customer has hired Christian Rodriguez at trades.org as the primary point of contact for this project.


Home renovation including replacing kitchen countertops, replacing one bathtub, and converting two adjacent closets into a new bathroom and laundry room.
78704 by I-35 and Oltorf
On-sites and bids due by Tuesday July 14. Project work to begin on or after July 24.


Next Steps

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Please review the updates below for changes in project scope.
Please send your estimate by end of day Tuesday. I will be meeting with the customer to review it the following day. If you are unable to provide it by then, please let me know so we can try to accommodate.
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Project Updates

The customer has changed their scope as follows:

Master Bath: use (replace) tile for floor and bath shower wall.
New Bath: use tile for floor and bath shower wall.
New Laundry Room: use tile for floor
Countertop: replace with quartz OR cover existing with epoxy and add faux granite
Backsplash: leave white tile as-is, but replace middle strip of purple tile with black subway tile
Sink: replace with equally sized, but newer sink
Replace existing with gas-powered tankless water heater (in attic)

The customer has provided higher resolution floor plans and scale images that I’m including in the original project scope.

Project Overview

Home owner of A / B style pier and beam property is looking renovate the A unit with an eye on property value appreciation. If first project goes well, customer would like to do a more extensive remodel on the B unit.


This project consists of these components:

Component 1: Update Kitchen countertops, backsplash, and sink
Component 2: Replace bath tub and tile in Bathroom 1
Component 3: Move Bedroom 2 doorframe to a different location. Convert two closets and some Bedroom 2 space into a Bathroom 2 and Laundry Room. Move Bedroom 2 overhead light and fan fixture.
Component 4: Replace existing with tankless water heater

Component 1: Kitchen Improvements

You will work with client to choose the preferred countertop. Please include a separated material allowance in your bid. Client currently prefers either quartz or adding epoxy and faux granite to existing countertop
Remove the tile creating horizontal purple line and replace with black subway tile
Remove existing sink and install new sink to be provided by customer.

Component 2: Bathroom 1 Improvements

You will work with client to choose the preferred tub. Client goal is “simple and easy to clean.” Remove existing tub and replace with new tub.
Remove existing floor and bathtub wall tile. Replace with new tile to be chosen by customer.
Please include a separated material allowance in bid.

Component 3: Bathroom 2 / Laundry Room Conversion

Client has provided floor plans with current and proposed dimensions. Please review specific line items with client.
Client would like to re-use existing fixtures to the extent possible.
Client will purchase washer / dryer appliances that you will install.
Install floor tile in both bathroom and laundry room

Component 4: Tankless Water Heater

Remove and dispose of existing water heater in attic
Replace with natural gas tankless water heater


Customer would like to see each component, as described in the scope, priced out individually. Please separate labor and materials within each component.
Customer is comfortable working with a general contractor or with trade pros directly. Pro can provide a quote for any or all of the components. You will be considered only for components for which you submit a bid.
Customer will require that chosen pro provide the names and phone numbers of any workers entering the property.
Customer is comfortable with a flat-rate or cost-plus quotes. prefers a cost-plus quote when feasible.


Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen countertop to have replaced.
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