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Welcome to Mindjoy Ambassador Program

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The Mindjoy Ambassador Program

Join a community of coaches, teachers and parents revolutionising education.
Do you know students who you think would love to unlock the world of coding with Mindjoy? Share Mindjoy with your networks and get R200 for each referral who purchases a Mindjoy membership in 2022.
Our coaches, parents and fellow CS teachers are the heart of the Mindjoy community. As a Mindjoy Ambassador, you’re an expert at what makes Mindjoy special, and you can offer a unique perspective to others who are considering enrichment programmes and essential future skills for their children and students.

🎙 Ready to start spreading the word?

#1 ✍️ Register as a Mindjoy Ambassador

Once you have registered and been vetted you will have a unique referral and access to Mindjoy Ambassador perks.

#2 👩‍💻 Sign up students

Send your unique referral link to students and families.

#3 📆 Students book a trial session

Students must sign up using your unique referral link.

#4🤑 Get rewarded

When your referral purchases their first membership, you'll get R200 in your inbox.

🤓 Who is eligible to participate?

You must be a Mindjoy coach, parent or a CS/IT/Coding &Robotics Teacher.
You must use your unique referral code for each referral. Only referrals made through this link are eligible for a reward.**
You must be responsible for your own income Tax.

❤️ Ambassador Benefits?

FREE access to our quarterly innovative educators development workshop.
A Mindjoy sponsored hackathon for your group or school (if you sign up more than 20 kids).
Mindjoy Ambassador’s with kids receive 20% off on their first month of Mindjoy.

Become a Mindjoy Ambassador and help us revolutionise education!


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