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🤓 About Mindjoy
We’re building a social learning platform where kids ages 8+ access live, virtual small group project classes that we call hard fun.
Mindjoy's domain is to care about children's creative lives so that they can reach their potential. It's the culmination of a team wanting to put their energy behind democratizing quality learning that kids love. Our commitment is to pursue the mission sustainably and scalably. Learning is something most people do best with others, but a challenge is that each person learns differently and has different preferences. Online learning provides us with a way to connect children easily with others who share learning interests and are at a similar level.
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is the kind of work or task that you wish to do as it is enjoyable because it is challenging and complex rather than in spite of being hard. There are many ways to express this concept; some call it the Zone of Proximal Development, others call it to flow; still, the challenge remains in creating learning experiences that kids connect with.
We exist for the curious kids, the ambitious kids, the kids who defy expectations, the kids who dare to do hard things and call it fun. We exist for the kids to learn by doing, for coaches committed to the aha moments, and for those willing to re-imagine what education could be. This is the company we keep.

👩‍💻 Working at Mindjoy
We’re a fully remote team working in the SAST timezone. And sometimes we make it out of the Matrix in time to attend meetings ;)
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To us the journey is as important as the mountain we’re choosing to climb. We care about creating a great remote environment where we feel can express ourselves, lean into discomfort and produce world-class work in pursuit of providing children with educational experiences they deserve.
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We’re all hands-on, we execute fast and always prioritize ensuring delivering delightful experiences for kids so that we can make learning more meaningful and more fun!
We also get together IRL and plan how to take over the world...

And some days we dance...
And other days we learn...
And MOST days we slay...
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📬 If none of these roles quite describe you, we would still love to hear from you. Feel free to send us a note with what you'd like to do:
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