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Get Ready to Take Your Music Career to the Next Level.

Hey, my name is Mike. I'll take a wild guess...

Someone you trust mentioned Mike Monday, or maybe you stumbled on a video, podcast or article and got curious about that weirdly enthusiastic bald bloke.
So here's my one-liner:
I'm a relentlessly optimistic musician, coach and entrepreneur dedicated to helping artists bring their unique gift to the world.
If you're at the top and want to take your career to new heights...
Or you've had success but are now losing that crucial momentum...
Or you're aspiring to make it happen again after a break...
There's a wealth of ideas, strategies and resources here to help you.

Is Touring Killing Your Music?

It’s so easy to forget, but everything starts with your music. Releases drive your entire music business.
But you've got gigs. Touring. That all-encompassing life on the road...
How do you find the time and space to make your next big record?
You might not need as much as you think.
I helped Dirtybird label boss Claude VonStroke complete his last album (and then some) in just 3 months WITHOUT any break in his heavy touring schedule...

Are You Struggling to Finish Your Next Hit Record?

"Music is my passion and my craft has changed my life so much but despite all the things i’ve achieved it’s also a huge challenge for me. Mike has helped me navigate aspects of my career for the last 5 years: those days the pressure feels too much, when my schedule sapped my creativity and when i have no ideas. He helps me gain clarity on limiting beliefs, find motivation and momentum with practical tools i use everyday. The ideas he provides are always surprising in a ‘wow i hadn’t thought of that kind of way’ - big love Mike." Jax Jones
I started working with Jax 6 months after his worldwide mega-smash "You Don't Know Me".
The pressure to make his second record as big as the first was enormous. Only now he had EVERYTHING to lose and no time or energy because he was touring the world.
He's not alone.
This all-too-familiar "2nd Record Syndrome" means too many talented artists crash and burn and forever remain one hit wonders.
As for Jax, fast forward 5 years and he's now unstoppable with multiple hits and billions of streams under his belt.
If you'd like to find out how I could help you or one of your artists finish your next hit record?

Let’s PodWalk Together!

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