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African American & Latinx Literature

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English 300: African American & Latinx Literature


Think of the “Class Hub” as the course website. Here you will find the syllabus, tutorials, resources, and most importantly, all of the materials you need for the class. (I explain this more in the Class Tech Page.)
Basically, we use Google Classroom only for submitting assignments and receiving grades. We will use Coda for everything else, in addition to a few other programs as needed.
New tech can be scary and I am the first to admit that Coda may take some getting used to. Still, it is my expectation that you are able to use this website by the middle of Quarter 1.
Something I value in students in perseverance and cognitive flexibility. Just because you have never done something before, doesn't mean you can’t.

Navigating the Class Hub

At the top of the page, you will se links to the different sections of the document.
Syllabus: The official syllabus for the class. It explains the rules and procedures for the course. This document may be updated from time to time. You can find the grading policy on this page.
Units: The most important page in the document. This is where you will find all of the information for our current units. Any readings, links, or lessons will be found here.
Tutorials & FAQ: I will add “how to” guides and other important tutorials here. It will be updated throughout the year. I want you all to be a bit more tech savvy, and this page will help you learn some tips and tricks that make using the computer easier.
Additional Resources: General resources for English class.
Agendas: A link to the Weekly Agendas. Useful if you have been absent from class.

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